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I also include some recommendations - not always computer related, but things I think are worthy of your consideration. Note I only make suggestions of products that I either use or have used and genuinely consider worth a mention. I do not believe in random adverts all over the place!

NOTE: In most cases you will receive a discount, credit or other benefit if you use the links below - so please use the links below to make sure you get any offers available. You are not committing to anything by clicking the links - but you may well become wiser and better off for doing so!


Windows 21 .....

....or 21H1 ...

Actually it's still just Windows 10 and really just quite uneventful. Released 18 May 2021 - you probably wont even know you've got it!

Broadband Speed Check

How fast is your broadband?

Are you getting what you are paying for? Discover the speed of your broadband.

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Remote Computer Support

There is no need to neglect your computer.

Your computer can be maintained without leaving the house. Safe and secure support.

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Windows 20 Is Here

Oh no it's 2009 or 20H2 ...

Either way it's still just Windows 10. This week - 20 Oct 2020 - has seen the release of another Windows upgrade.

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Hard Drives Do Fail

Is your precious data is at risk?

Everything from your photos and documents through to emails and the operating itself are subject to loss should your hard drive fail.

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Windows - Update vs Upgrade

What's the difference?

This is a question that is often asked and sometimes misunderstood.

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Windows 10 - Version 19

Windows 19 is here. No hang on, that's confusing - it's actually 2004. Any clearer?...

Actually as of May 28th 2020 Windows 10 has had it's first upgrade of the year, calling it version 2004.

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Social Media


Facebook is the only one that works - and why? .....read on...

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Don't Just Scrap IT

Before you throw out your old computer (or even sell it - the same applies), take a moment to THINK.....

Are all your personal documents, photographs etc still on there - just deleting files and emptying the recycle bin does not remove the data completely .Do you really want them to be accessible to somebody else? Don't become a victim of data theft and ensure that all your information is completely erased.

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Well Meaning Friends ...

Well meaning friends and relatives - we all have them - but beware. I have come across so many problems that have been made ten times worse by those who mean well. So at the first signs of trouble give me a call and don't let something simple become a major problem.

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Mobile Phone Operators

Get a free giffgaff Sim

Mobile phones, networks, data, contracts, plans, packages,.....the list goes on...AND YES I find it boring too! But it needn't be all bad and here is giifgaff that offers a great service that is almost certainly going to save you money - no contracts, no leaving penalties and you can keep your own number at no extra cost.

Electric Companies


Every year or so I found myself searching for the best possible deals - some fixed - some not, some long-term, some short-term (sadly they all come at a cost!) but I have found Bulb to be amongst the best offerings out there and have been very happy with their service. Take look and get some free electricity!

Internet Service Providers


Unlimited business broadband from £15 a month

ISPs - all as bad as each other? Perhaps - I deal with a lot of problems and some are certainly worth avoiding, whether it be just poor service, convoluted pricing or something else. However I have great experience with plusnet and they have never let me down....and before you say they are not the cheapest  - I just say that sometimes you get what you pay for!

No It IS NOT an iPad

Ok so this more of a rant then anything else - nothing more!

Lets get one thing straight:

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Windows 10 - Version 18

November 2019 - Windows 18 has arrived.....

Well, not quite - just the 2nd 'upgrade' of the year for Windows 10 - making version 9! With Microsoft at one time saying things like this will be their last operating system i.e. no windows 11 etc. it can be a little hard to understand - after all, since its release in 2015 and the twice-a-year upgrades, by my reckoning, we will effectively be on Windows 10 version 9....

Perhaps we should just call this release Windows 18 and be done with?