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No need to rush ....

October 5th and Windows 11 is available - for some*! Waiting a while may not be so bad.

Simply - even if you are able - it might be wise to hang on a few days/weeks/months before upgrading your good and working system to Windows 11. This way any teething problems that arise will hopefully be resolved. If you do upgrade then good luck - hopefully everything will still work and that you don't lose anything (hmmm.... I remember the loss of files experienced by many during a previous upgrade).

Personally I am not yet installing on a working, daily-use system. Not yet aware of anything that's going to make things any different as yet and really don't want to take the risk for the moment.

*A bit curious at the moment as - a machine that 'meets requirements' has the option to upgrade, another machine that 'does not meet requirements' still has the option to download and install/upgrade and another that 'does not meet requirements' gives me no options at all. So even now on the official launch day - upgrading looks to be very sketchy. More reason to wait?

I will reserve further comment until  a later date and update then - my previous thoughts are here..