don't let your computer drive you mad!

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Before you throw out your old computer (or even sell it - the same applies), take a moment to THINK.....

Are all your personal documents, photographs etc still on there - just deleting files and emptying the recycle bin does not remove the data completely .Do you really want them to be accessible to somebody else? Don't become a victim of data theft and ensure that all your information is completely erased.

Also remember just because your computer no longer works, it does not mean your data is not accessible. You may have heard stories of computers that have been 'dumped' and then appeared abroad where bank details and other personal information has been recovered. Unfortunately data discovered like this can cause huge implications such as identity theft, fraud etc.

For your own sake, you should ensure all your data is completely removed. So if you are thinking of throwing your old computer away (or even just an old hard drive)  then give me a call if you are concerned about your privacy - I can ensure all your data is completely removed.

Please also consider that although you may no longer want it or perhaps think your computer is broken beyond repair, somebody else may actually be able to make use of it. So please consider alternatives before throwing it out .... landfill is not the best place for old technology. If you do decide to dispose of your old IT equipment then please do so responsibly and make sure your data has gone first.