don't let your computer drive you mad!

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Ok so this more of a rant then anything else - nothing more!

Lets get one thing straight:

No it is NOT an iPad ...... at least not all the time - in the same way that a vacuum cleaner is not a Hoover!

If you need an explanation ............

You see just because Hoover make vacuums this does not make every vacuum a Hoover - so please stop calling it a Hoover when it's an Electrolux/Dyson etc. So in the same way just because Apple make tablets this does not make every tablet an iPad - so please stop calling it an iPad when it's a Sony/Samsung/Android/Windows etc. device.

And while I'm at it why do people  Google everything? - especially when they search with Bing/Yahoo etc.

Please just stop it all and stop disrespecting products that have a name in their own right - please just get it right.