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Facebook is the only one that works - and why? on...

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I am (not?) sorry to say that you probably won't find a great presence of Phillips Computer Solutions on social media.

Whilst social networking can offer advantages for both personal and business use, I have never really considered it a prime importance for me. This is not because I'm against social networking (although I could find many reasons to be), it's more that if I did get involved in this side of things, I don't feel I would have the time to dedicate to it all and keep it up to date. I find it quite annoying to find so many of these media sites without out-of-date pages (many of which just appear to have been forgotten about), duplicate pages, pages that ask you to join just to view, and so on.

That said, there can be great benefits for certain business and personal use with these platforms providing a vast and instant audience and can offer a great way to share information with others ..... if done with care.

As with much online activity there can be risks and considerations to be had, and perhaps social media sites should be very high in the list of considerations when it comes to personal and privacy matters - it is almost too easy to sign-up (no real age or ID checks) to these things and post pictures, comment etc only to find out at a later time it comes back to bite you. It is not so easy to remove something once you've clicked!

So if you are after a little more info or concerned about potential risks then get in touch and I will try and help you understand a little more of the potential risks involved - whether it be for yourself, children or other.

As a final note on the matters of social networking - and probably really more for a parent/guardian awareness but did you know that many of these sites 'recommend' or have guidelines regarding age, suitability and use? Some of the age requirements are listed below for your info - this often surprises people and can be a concern when as said it can be 'too easy' to register for these things.

Facebook: Age 13
Twitter: Age 13
Instagram: Age 13
Pinterest: Age 13
You Tube: Age 18 (or 13 with parent's permission)
WhatsApp: Age 16

* Just remember that many of these sites are accessible even without registration *