don't let your computer drive you mad!

Computer Repairs & Web Design in Driffield & Surrounding Villages, Scarborough, Bridlington Areas

There is no need to neglect your computer.

Your computer can be maintained without leaving the house. Safe and secure support.

Over the last 12 months I have found it increasingly necessary to work remotely as much as possible to service and maintain computers (and I will be continuing to do this). This has proved both convenient and safe practice for many customers. In fact getting your computer serviced/health-checked could not be easier – and any need for social-distancing etc is eliminated - as I can connect remotely to your computer and work on it as needed. This means you don’t even have to make me coffee as I do not even need to visit you (you can even stay in your pyjamas if you want!). Once connected you are free to go and do something enjoyable with your life - no need to stay and watch.

So don’t let your computer drive you mad – don’t put up with it being slow (when it should be quicker) or let it become riddled with junk or other nasties. It’s all too easy to just get used to things and struggle and struggle as your computer gets slower and slower until it becomes almost unusable. Too many times I have heard “I have been meaning to call you for ages ….”

I use various secure programs to ensure that any remote connections are safe and secure - using Industry Standard Security as used by banks and online payment services. Security is of paramount concern and no connections are left open to your device once the session has been terminated.


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