don't let your computer drive you mad!

Computer Repairs & Web Design in Driffield & Surrounding Villages, Scarborough, Bridlington Areas

Computers are great when they're working - but when they're not they can be a nightmare!
So if you're faced with a computer problem don't let it get you down - call me, it might not be as bad as you fear.
Viruses - software & hardware issues - crashes - reboots ...... all in a day's work!

Computers should just work ...... if only!

As reliable as computers are they can (and do) go wrong. Many problems are software related and are quite often the result of virus or some other malicious activity. Conflicting or incompatible programs can also cause issues and even the operating system itself can become corrupt and cause major problems.

Hardware components can fail - internal components such as hard-drives, power supply units, processors, memory, motherboards and other components can fail - just like any other electrical appliance. However, quite often it may be possible to replace the offending components and save a lot of anguish as well as time and money.


Don't wait until it's too late

Signs of failure or pending doom may include slowness, strange noises, constant crashes or reboots, failure to boot properly, loss of internet connectivity and so on. Your system may even come to a grinding halt. Whether it be a hardware or a software issue I will endeavour to resolve the issue in the most economical way.


Don't put your data at risk

Your computer contains a lot of information - think of your personal data: documents, photos etc. - how would you feel if you lost it all? Don't put it all at risk with a problematic system - get it repaired before its too late.


Virus removal

Is your computer acting up? Having strange messages or warnings? Adverts popping up? Suffering random reboots or system freezes? These are just some of the signs often associated with virus activity. Whilst viruses can be potentially destructive and cause loss of data many can be just plain irritating. Nonetheless any kind of virus could be a security risk.

In addition to genuine viruses there are many 'fake' virus alerts/ads around that report your computer to be infected. These may merely be advertising scams wanting your money (to remove things that aren't there!) but should be taken equally as seriously. The fact that something is present on your system causing these fake alerts may mean your system is already compromised. In this growing connected-world the threat of viruses is an increasing problem - the wrong click here or there, the wrong download can sometimes be enough to infect a system.

If you are worried or think your system may have a virus then give me a call. I deal with the affects and threats of viruses regularly and am pleased to say that almost all are removed successfully without any adverse effects or loss of data.


Regular computer maintenance

Computers are often neglected and this can lead to problems. Rather like a car is subjected to an annual MOT and interim servicing is recommended I always advise having computers maintained in a similar way by way of a regular service/health check.

For both home and business users, a thorough check-up can give peace of mind and also help system performance. Quite often problems can be detected early and prevent future issues. It is often surprising how much smoother and faster a system can become after a thorough service.

After a computer health check your computer should be happy again and be relieved of any security or virus threats, fully up to date and be signed off with a clean bill of health.

So give me a call and arrange a health-check - even if your system seems OK - it may make it even better!