don't let your computer drive you mad!

Computer Repairs & Web Design in Driffield & Surrounding Villages, Scarborough, Bridlington Areas

Well meaning friends and relatives - we all have them - but beware. I have come across so many problems that have been made ten times worse by those who mean well. So at the first signs of trouble give me a call and don't let something simple become a major problem.

All too often I have found myself having to undo the work of others before being able to get to the bottom of the original problem - something that quite often could have been avoided. Whilst I encourage users to understand their computers (it is the way we learn) I advise caution when delving in to the unknown and try and avoid making things worse. A little knowledge can be dangerous and sometimes tinkering is not the best plan. Just because you know someone with a spanner - it doesn't make them a mechanic.

Making things worse is not just limited to friends and relatives though - technical support can sometimes be as bad. If you have ever contacted a technical support department by telephone with a problem, you may have experienced the scenario "click this, click that, press this......" and its is very likely you have not understood a thing you have been asked to do......... and then (after half an hour of some over-priced telephone call), you find you've got absolutely nowhere and the problem was still not resolved. It happens. With respect, it can be difficult to diagnose a computer problem over the phone and most staff try their best - but sometimes this isn't good enough and again you could end up with more problems than you started with.

So if you have got computer problems give me a call and let me help.