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Should you be bothered? ....

Despite Microsoft saying Windows 10 was to be the last Windows. Windows 11 is being launched 5th October 2021. But there is a host of confusion and will it be worth it?

It is to be made available for eligible computers with the roll-out over the coming months.

So first's quite different. The cynical side of me says it's like having a new front door - looks very nice but inside is the same, except things have been moved around and it's going to take time to find them all again.

The problem is I am not suddenly going to be doing anything new on the 5th October - I will be using my computer for the same old thing, daily tasks and duties will be unchanged, the internet will still be the same and the same emails will come through and so on. I am fairly sure that this is how it will be for most people and if your happy with the way things are, well, if you were to 'upgrade' then you may find yourself on a learning curve to do what you always do. OK there may be new 'toys' and functions in Windows 11 but you'll probably never really use them much any way - few people will ever use all the things that their computer is capable of.

Windows 10 is still good and for most has probably become a very stable environment in which to work and play and so to be honest - for the moment at least - stick with it.  There is no panic to change - in fact Microsoft is supporting Windows 10 until mid October 2025.

However - unless you are buying new - Windows 11 might not be an option for you anyway. Even though Windows is to be offered as a 'free upgrade' to Windows 10 users there are now considerable hardware requirements which will make the upgrade a no-go for many users. It's not just a case of having a 64bit processor with 4 GB RAM but the need for a UEFI, Secure Boot capable device with TPM version 2.0. is where the problems begin - whilst some may be able to add some hardware to meet requirements others will have no option. If this means nothing to you then Microsoft has released its own compatibility checker here that may help you to see if your computer is capable of Windows 11 - but don't be surprised if it's not.

So with all that aside - is Windows 11 any good? There is plenty of info around regarding this, but at this moment in time I will have to be honest and say it's too early to tell. Whilst I have had it for a few months I have not used it much at all. Maybe I'm reluctant to change or the fact that when I have something that's good I find less reason to want to explore. On the face of it it looks clean and new - but it's just an operating system isn't it? I have one of those already that works and I have it setup as I like it to do what I do. Unfortunately I feel the cynicism is creeping in again. I am obviously going to have to 'learn' this sooner rather than later to be able to help and support others - after all it's what I do. I just hope it's not another Windows 8.

.... to be continued.