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Don't panic ....

Pretty much all service providers have a blip once in a while that causes you to lose internet - sometimes for seconds, sometimes hours.

The loss of connection should be rare - if it becomes too frequent then it could be an issue with your ISP (internet service provider) or else the cabling to your property which cannot be resolved by yourself.


So what if you lose internet?

  • As a rule, don't panic - just wait. You can check your broadband hub/router and check the lights, particularly any 'internet' ones. Whilst colours can vary depending on make/model if there are any red or orange or flashing lights (or even no lights) then it is likely to just be an ISP issue as above. Just wait and give it some time.
  • If you have changed nothing, not moved your computer, not added or disconnected anything etc. then once again - just wait.
  • If you are fortunate enough to have another computer or other internet connected device then see if that has an internet connection. If it doesn't, once again - just wait. You will have probably just confirmed it is an ISP problem.
  • If you can - see if there is a known internet outage in your area. Unfortunately this can be difficult without internet!

Still no internet?

So you've waited a good while but still nothing. Ok now you can start to get concerned and it would probably be a good idea to get in touch with your ISP. But beware - if they are not aware of any issues and have done a check on your line, they may start talking of engineer charges. This is always a concern but if you are sure that you have changed nothing and are confident that the problem is not of your doing then charges should not apply. Often problems are fixed by engineers outside without your knowledge. Your ISP is unlikely to be of help if the problem is with you computer or internal setup.

Time to seek further help

Viruses and other nasties can often lead to a lot of internet problems and computer issues in general. It could be a faulty hub/router, rare but possible, or another hardware problem. Severe weather (storms etc) can even damage internal components causing loss of internet connectivity. It might even be worth changing the filter on the line. Try and remember if you have made any changes, installed something or done anything else - it could help. There really are too many things that can cause problems and sometimes things are not always a quick fix - but I will always try and get you back online where I can.