don't let your computer drive you mad!

Computer Repairs & Web Design in Driffield & Surrounding Villages, Scarborough, Bridlington Areas

Fear Not ...

Don't Panic. Do not fear your computer. Learn to enjoy your computer, make the most of it and and get it to work for you. You'll soon wonder how you managed without it.!
Help is at hand.... I will help you to learn what you want to know.
I can provide you one-to-one assistance and help you with your understanding to get you comfortable in this computerised world.

Don't Get Mad - Get Help ....

If you need support and would like to increase your understanding I can help you with:

  • general computer use
  • using email
  • using the internet
  • safety and security
  • office work - documents etc.
  • photos
  • printing
  • music
  • and so much more

Get help

Just get in touch and I can hopefully discuss your needs and help you get more from your computer and enjoy the things you want to do.