Help others with your old laptop/computer.

Yes I know there are meant to be loads of computers being given out and other places to donate and receive but I really don’t think the kids are getting them quite as easily as we’d like to believe. So please read:

As a parent of both primary and secondary school children, I realise the benefits of the current learning/activities being provided online to help with education whilst they are not at school. It is apparent that many children and their families are struggling without access to a computer/laptop at home and as a result many may be missing out during these difficult times.

I am reaching out to anybody who may have an old or unused laptop/computer (Driffield area) that they would be willing to donate in order to help. Perhaps you have replaced your computer and do not know what to do with your old one, it might be considered too old, too slow, just gathering dust or contain personal data that is preventing you from passing it on. You may have no use for it – but it could be invaluable to someone else. So please ….. can you help?

Security is always a concern and stops many people from parting with their old computers - with running a computer business I can assure you that your privacy and security is assured. Any existing data on donated computers will be completely and irreversibly removed prior setting up for a new user.

I am wanting to do this really at no cost – to do a little bit to help and try and support others in all that's going on. Whilst this may end up taking up a lot of my time – it would be nice to think I can bring a few smiles somewhere.

Please contact me here or phone me if you can help or would like to know more.


* Should I get any computers/laptops donated I intend to liaise with local schools in order to find a suitable and welcoming home.

* Computers will be set up ‘as new’ ready for new use. Internet connection will be required to make full use of any curriculum based learning etc.

* Please only working devices – age doesn’t matter greatly but I am not looking to repair for the purposes intended.

* Any donation/collection of computers will be by way of social-distancing with no direct contact.

* Obviously I cannot offer any kind of warranty for any donated/received computers or laptops. I can always offer help/support via my usual business practice.


This is an independent idea motivated by the current Covid-19 pandemic. It has no political association or motive nor any connection to any other donation projects or schemes.